Kazi Serzill Hasan

From 14 Years-
UI / Graphic Designer / Animation artist

Met my client under the name of – 
Creative House of V

Design Capacity 91%
Photography 95%
Marketing 74%
Web Designer 60%
UI UX designing 88%
Making friends 100%

Clients I have Worked With

What I do...or...can do

Designing a imagination for personal and commercial purpose is a combination of creative thinking and sound knowledge to software to execute that thinking.

We always do design. When you are walking, you select the design of walk on footpath or road, when you decide to eat , you design your movement to wash your hand and bend it like pro-human and start eating. By this way, without the design one can not perform at its best.

Similarly, for commercial and personal reason, you take support from professional designers. And here I initiate my entry.

I do DESIGN. Which means any service that is related with design or even any service title where design word is attached, I AM THERE!!

UI is a way to make visual storytelling according to content and local demand. And UX is a useful way to provide user usable and findable data so that credible information can become valuable for their desired content with maximum accessibility. After a decade of doing graphics design, one thing I have learnt, this is a never-ending process and everyday user is demanding their own way to adapt it more with their own customized thought.

I do interior and architectural elevation work with international standard. I basically do concept design.

I have successfully done more than 26 project so far and still counting

3D design and animation is one of the most best part of my working capabilities. I always try to create most stunning 3D visual graphics for our clients.

I have been doing defense class 3D design from the last 10 years. I have worked with the most prestigious defense forces of Bangladesh and abroad. Check my defense class banner and 3D work in my portfolio.

Website design and development is now a most demanding requirement for any kind professionals or individuals. I have the capability to design UI and well researched UX  in Figma, Sketch & XD.

TVC and advertisement is now a prime way to communicate with mass people and I am doing it as best as possible with a pack of proper & qualified award winning freelancing team and  creative agency.

YouTube is now a main control media and the 2nd largest search engine in the whole world. For that to promote ones business through video documentary or PR Video is the most engaging way to reach the mass people. I have done 15+ successful documentary and PR video for national defense forces and other iconic industrial organiszations.













Recently Delivered


First design software i have used “Quark Express”. I was quite afraid to use photoshop whenever i opened it by watching it’s interface. Adobe illustrator was out of the question. But now… Hahahaha




Planing & Designing

Capable of planning a mass level design and execution by conducting a team or without team for various design and print purpose . Proficient in handbill, advertisements, brochures, gifts, calendar, signs, logos and other designing element.


Capable to think creatively by adapting or creating a concept to visualization. Always think strategically. To execute any creative design I always prefer proper media to build the design or advertisement.

Brand / Product activation

Capable of a mass level brand and product activation by understanding the line and length of the product to hit the market in proper time and proper way so that the program may become most successful.

TVC / Advertisement

Capable to handle promotion and marketing in a proper way with creative design and animation for all type of media like tvc, Radio advert, social media, event launching etc.



Been an IELTS instructor for many renowned institution. Scored 8 in IELTS exam. My students used to get 5 to 7 score in average.


Have been a music puff over two decades. Can play 7 different instrument. Tabla, Keyboard, Flute, Harmonica Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Dhol and Key Board.

DFD Design

Capable to create software DFD design for industry level development.

Cyber Security

Have been a cyber security expert in a basic level. Also i am connected with international pro level cyber security experts to give optimum support.


This website’s and its content is crafted, designed, researched and procured solely by KAZI SERZILL HASAN. Every information regarding my personal bio data and my professional criteria is under the knowledge of me as i have and had myself created this website to show either my employer or client.