Skill Development

What is the definition of skill? how do you measure it? Skill is a fact and capacity which is efficiently mastered by someone.

let’s put aside the theoretical and text book language. There are lots of institutions, people and qualified personnel with a lots of award winning books and lectures where you can find the theoretical definition with the help of google.

let’s discuss those issues which you will never find on Google for which you have to read and a dive in an unlimited depth of complex matter and theory to master any skill that you prefer to obtain.

Case Study – 01

▫️ There is a person named Rizwan (Imaginary Name) who started his business in a village were electricity is not available within 50 km radius. very interestingly the product he is selling is power bank. He invested buying a lot of power bank and providing all those units on rental basis. And as there are no electricity in the area so he also invested in buying a generator which is kind of hybrid. Hybrid means, the generator runs on gasoline and solar power both. He utilized the generator to charge the power banks .

The interesting part is, he is a Millionaire now.… but how?

To cut the long story short, he expanded his business around the country where there is no electricity. He followed the same business model throughout the area of all rural sector and achieved what he desired for.

Now you can ask, where is the question and findings of skill or skill development ?

Some people will say-

  • He did business with honesty and commitment that’s why he succeeded
  • he had an awesome idea which he implicated where it was most needed.
  • He did an awesome job by selecting the area and sourcing its logistics supply
  • He delivered and expanded timely


Now let’s fine tune the information and colonize the segment to improve to target and to set the goal so that you or anybody can structure your balanced and viable future.

Here are the list of questions and queries one should develop to understand and master a skill set:

  • why he chose this business
  • Why he didn’t choose a job
  • How he faced maintaining issue
  • How logistic has been maintained with a proper forecasting
  • How he managed to recover the product that he rented and never got lost
  • How he understood the communication policy as it is a rural area and no electricity and social development is not present?

Skill Development Detailing:

📌 Why he choose this business-

There can be numerous reason to choose this business. he might have a soft corner for rural area and deprived people or or he may have learnt from his teacher or social gathering that rural people are much deviated and lost.

The moment he received and understood the idea he started his skill development regarding information collection. There is an old saying “information is half the battle you win”. He started searching through internet, he started searching through people who have pass through various rural area, he started searching through various NGO who worked in those places were no one has ever gone before. the skill development that you need in this area is categorizing the information from various sources which can only be developed by stacking it with relevance.

▫️ Searching through internet:

If you develop this skill then you will understand the difference between colorful and colorless information. you will understand which information to believe which information not to believe. You will start understanding the internet browsing policy of targeted information throughout the internet and by doing so you will start developing your online information searching skill as you have already focused and targeted your information which you need to execute – “supplying electricity in the rural area.”

▫️ Searching through people:

Nothing is more effective than asking people. Because when you ask a people you will see his or her expression, body language, posture, words using everything which will help you to accept the idea or go ahead thought with your project or whatever the thing that you want to execute. some people will deliver their statement with lot of confidence without knowing anything and some people will deliver like a regular statement by knowing a lot of thing. this will make your communication skill firm and objective.

▫️ Searching through people who passed various rural area:

in our student life we all may have passed practical classes. practical classes are always profitable to understand the inner thought and actual credible execution regarding any subject. when you start togethering information from the people who have already visited the rural area you will find that difference between the statements of normal communication and the people of this category. The differences will be location, structural development, road communication, to whom to communicate first etc.

▫️ Searching through various NGO who worked in those places:

This category will help you to understand the proper use of fund and distribution with proper allocation in between the rural area. Because non government organization usually get the fund from a fundraiser and with a professional field worker with related subject to provide all the facilities to those deprived people in the rural area. In this category you will develop the skill of financial management and as well as the initiation of any project were facilities are ill managed.

📌 Why he didn’t choose a job-

Well, it is absolutely his personal decision. it’s called the absence of multiple choice. when someone doesn’t pick a job it means he or she doesn’t want to be controlled or he or she wants to explore more possibility in the field or sector where one believes he can do more.

when someone pick a business it also sometimes refers an idea of doing something which is limitless and without boundaries. also there are some people who intend to do for the mass people through business and other related stuff.

if you want to develop your skill set then choose your career in the way you want to shine.

📌 How he faced maintaining issue-

As he started thinking to provide small amount of electricity to the people of rural area he had to be an electrical engineer or he must had accompanied with a person who is an electrical engineer. Please don’t get wrong idea by understanding that I am referring to the subject of electrical engineering in universities and colleges. I am referring to the idea where a person understands the electrical works as electrical wiring and electrical malfunction so that he can recover maintenance and understand the need during any crisis.

So in order to execute the idea of providing Power bank electricity he had to develop his skill on electrical maintenance.

📌 How logistic has been maintained with a proper forecasting-

Maintaining logistic is a crucial factor for any business. You cannot deliver if the logistic products are not not acquired timely. In order to maintain a proper logistics support for a business or job he has to maintain a proper relationship with the vendor. Fail safe is also another step to prevent any mishap during the service. in here sales is indicating the backup vendor if one fail.

When he started executing the idea to provide Power bank to the rural area he gathered and made relationship with those vendors who will instantly provide him the power bank and generator whenever and wherever it’s necessary.

This is the way you can develop the communication skill between the service provider and the service taker. Because, sometimes it’s not the money which will deliver you the happiness it’s the commitment and the communication between the two parties which will help you to grow even more.

📌 How he managed to recover the product that he rented and never got lost

There is a word called depreciation. This word is largely used in accounting, management, supply chain and in brand. Every manufacturer and service provider is always prepared for 5 to 7% depreciation of their product and services and in some cases nearly 10%. We do not expect that our client can understand or accept the depreciation and expenses that a service provider is facing.

So he accepted that is 7 to 10% product will be lost or malfunctioned or corrupted due to the service. To support this thought, he needs to develop the costing management in his skill set. to make a profitable business with maximum acceptance to the kind he needs to source the product from the very root where it has been produced so that he can manage the bounce of sale supply and depreciation.

in this area you can develop your skill set of the product sourcing, cost management, transport management and storing management.

The message:

To develop a skill you have to point it by setting your goal. We always develop our skills first and set our goals later, which is a wrong concept. By doing so we get confused and loose interest of doing any entrepreneurship and pursuing it to the ultimate success.



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